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    Akachi Productions provides artist and media outlets with the hottest instrumentals. We have a wide array of genres to choose from and aim to give you whatever you need for whatever you need. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

      Name Type BPMStarting at
    Comown 137 $20.00Buy
    Licence Plate Shakin Hip-hop, Rap, Trap 140$20.00Buy
    Wake Up Hour Hip-hop, Rap 130$20.00Buy
    The American Dream Dance, Feel Good, Pop 120$20.00Buy
    Lean with Ice Screw Music, Trap 132$20.00Buy
    Cali Cal Hip-hop, Rap, West-Coast 162$20.00Buy
    I’m Back Gangster Rap, Hip-hop, Rap 147$20.00Buy
    El Papi Chulo House Music, Latin 127$20.00Buy
    Give and Take R&B 125$20.00Buy
    Corporate Grind Hip-hop 85$20.00Buy
    Flexin Hip-hop 74$20.00Buy
    Invisible Lines Hip-hop 117$20.00Buy
    Flow Stupid Hip-hop, Southern Rap 137$20.00Buy
    It’s Alright Guitar 164$20.00Buy
    Wishful Thinking Hip-hop, R&B 94$20.00Buy
    I Love You So R&B 132$20.00Buy
    Funeral Music Hip-hop 133$20.00Buy
    Work It Dance, Hip-hop 99$20.00Buy
    West Bound Hip-hop, West-Coast 88$20.00Buy
    Inspiration Hip-hop, R&B 94$20.00Buy
    Fuckin Amazing Dubste, Hip-hop 130$20.00Buy
    So Militant Hip-hop 80$20.00Buy


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