Free Beat Give Aways?

By Akachi Productions on Jun 17, 2015 in Marketing Tips - 0 Comments

Should you give away free beats?

The short answer to this question is yes and no.

Giving away free beats to the wrong person is a bad idea. What I mean by bad idea is giving away beats to someone who isn’t that talented, someone you don’t trust, or someone with no work ethic who isn’t going to make your hard work worth its while. An Untalented person can make your product sound like trash, it could make you someone associate you with bad music. If you give the beat to someone you don’t trust anything could happen; you could end up not being recognized as the producer of the beat or they could profit off of the beat without your consent and you could end up in a law suite. If you give the beat to someone with no work ethic then it could turn out to be just a complete wast of your time. The time you took exporting your beat and sending it to the person on your medium of choice could have of  been spent making a beat, spending time with your family, or better yet playing Madden. Realize that your time is valuable and your beats are valuable too, don’t just give it to the people that aren’t worth giving it to.

Every free beat you give away is potentially time and money lost, A lot of beat makers say that they can make a beat in five minutes and that’s all good, but when you are like myself and take the time to meticulously make the beat and mix it near perfection then you are going to take a lot more than five minutes. That time you spent is worth money. If you did that same thing for Def Jam you would expect to be paid for it and if someone was trying to get a beat from Def Jam they would expect to pay for it. Some people think since you’re not a huge label then you doing the same thing doesn’t require the same respect and payment from people and that just not true. The point I’m trying to convey is that if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense. If you aren’t going to get something out of giving someone a free beat then don’t do it. Respect yourself and your craft.

Giving away free beats can help you in many ways, one and the most valuable ways for new producers is exposure. Think of giving away a free beat as another way to market yourself, the more your beat is heard the more popular you become. to use this type of exposure as a marketing technique you have to make sure that you are being shouted out by whoever is using your beat, not only in writing but verbally as well. Don’t be afraid or feel that you are imposing on the artist, this is your beat and you are doing a service by giving it away for free, in return the artist will do you a service by giving you a shout out. Also make sure that your beat tag is somewhere in your free beat so that people will know who you are no matter what.

One of the best ways to market yourself is through word of mouth; if you give someone a free beat and they like it they will most likely share your information with someone else while talking about the song. Consider word of mouth your unofficial, personal, unpaid marketing team. Let work of mouth marketing inc. do the some of the work for you; it’s always best to work smarter not harder.

Royalties is another way that you can capitalize on giving away a free beat. You are the producer of the content you create and will always have a legal say in the matter of that content until a contractual agreement states otherwise. You can have the artist or company sign a contract that states that you can have this free beat but… you can not profit from it without giving me X percent of the profit for each time it’s played, sold, etc. You can also register it with ASCAP or BMI and collect the royalties on your copy written content whenever it is played as well.

The Pros do it. Think about it this, someone goes to buy their first laptop and gets a PC, the PC will automatically come with a copy of Windows installed on it. That person gets so used to Windows that by the time they go to buy another computer they will instinctively  buy another PC with Windows installed on it. Microsoft get’s it’s users by flooding the market with it’s product for free and letting the users return to buy their product again during the next PC/ Windows upgrade. Windows 8  caused Microsoft’s fan base recently drop, you know what they are doing now? Creating Windows 10 and allowing anyone, even people with pirated versions of the old software to upgrade to it for free. If this business motto works for Microsoft it will definitely work for you.



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