How to Start Recording Vocals From Home

By Akachi Productions on Dec 29, 2015 in Uncategorized - Comments Off on How to Start Recording Vocals From Home

Cheapest Way

The absolute cheapest way to record your vocals from home, is to pirate your favorite DAW, get a pair of Apple ear buds or a gaming headset with a mic on it, and start recording. I don’t condone pirated software.


  • Easy, depending on how good the pirate is at cracking  software and how good you are at following instructions.
  • Cheap, depending on the headphones you choose to use.
  • Almost failed to mention that you would have to have a PC, it doesn’t have to be the best, as long as it meets the software’s minimum requirements.


  • Low quality.
  • Forces software companies to increase security Eg. security keys and dongles, which makes the price go up.
  • Can mess up your computer if  you download malware (bad software).

The Simple Way to Do it

You can buy a recording bundle from your favorite music store. Most bundles come with an audio interface used to turn your voice into a digital signal that the computer can understand. A microphone with a pop filter for blocking wind and dulling the p’s and b’s in your recordings and a pair of headphones. Depending on how much you spend, bundles could also include a pair of monitors (speakers), a mic stand, and a shock mount, to mount your microphone. An important part to note is that all of them generally come with is a light version of a digital audio workstation software (DAW) that you can record to and add effects to. Most likely if you pick a bundle you’re going to stick with that DAW usually do to customer loyalty, familiarity, or money. Your top priorities when picking your bundle should be your Interface which determines the quality of any audio that goes in and out of your computer and then your DAW. It’s going to take time to learn your DAW and once you do, you most likely will stay with it for the next couple of years.


  • It’s a bundle so all of the product picking is done for your.
  • It’s cheaper than buying independent products.
  • You have everything you need to lay down quality recordings decent enough to take to the studio for mastering or auditioning.


  • Low-Mid grade products excluding the interface which most of the time is perfect for any home studio.
  • Not the full version of a DAW, you won’t need it if you’re just recording audio.
  • Lacking acoustic treatment to dampen sound and echos such as a Voxguard.

The Way to Do It

The way to go is to first buy your the best interface you can afford, but you don’t have to, you can buy a 200-300 dollar interface and you’ll be more than fine.  Your interface usually comes with a light version of a DAW, so chose the interface based on the quality you can afford and then the DAW that comes with it. If you want to buy a full fledged DAW, my suggestion would be to do your research and then get the trial versions of any DAW’s you may want to purchase and try them out. Another bit of advice for choosing your DAW would be to pick one that a more experienced friend might have so that you can learn the ropes from them as you go. Next purchase a condenser microphone, pop filter, and a Voxguard so that you can record a wider range of frequencies and dampen/ rid your recordings of echos respectively. You will need to buy XLR or TRS ( I prefer XLR) to hook your mic’s and instruments  up to the interface. Next you will be need a set of  studio quality monitor speakers and ear phones. Studio headphones and monitors should have a flat frequency response made for recording and editing. They are not for playing your favorite hits and turning on the EQ etc. You can use your monitors and headphones to do so, but that’s not what they are made for. Purchasing your setup this way will get you the best you can afford and save money on the items that  aren’t as important.

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