Some Social Media Do’s and Dont’s

By Akachi Productions on Jan 04, 2016 in Uncategorized - Comments Off on Some Social Media Do’s and Dont’s

Populate your social media sites! This is just a quick refresher to let you know what you already know you need to do but aren’t doing, if you are, kudos. I see a lot of people with dead links out their, I see it all the time. The worst thing that I see financially from people are having an interesting YouTube etc. and when I click “show more” to see if they have a website and I go to the link, I get nothing. There are many times that I would’ve purchased something but when I went to their site their was either a domain that wasn’t being managed and had no website or an expired domain.

What you should do is minimize your social media links if your aren’t using them. I know you want to make an account for everything and you could just to get the name before it’t taken, but don’t post it if that’s what you decide to do.

You shouldn’t send people to dead links and un-managed websites and here are a few reasons why:

  1. It makes you seem unprofessional.
  2. It makes your seem not serious.
  3. It decreases traffic to your other links because they think all of the other links may be dead as well.
  4. It detracts customers and fans that you could of had that most likely wont be back, do to short attention spans and today’s distractions.

Just because someone says you need a Facebook or a Twitter doesn’t mean that you do. Just find out what social media platforms that you actually like to use and rock with that. You will be more apt to populate your platform with your content and it won’t fill like as much as a task.